My First Acvtivities in Japan

When i arrived in Japan it was amazing. because it was my first time spent my time in abroad. Far from my home, my family to do Cultural Activities, learn about Japan pottery. the first time before i get on my dorm, i stay at Prof. Chitaru Kawasaki's house. For 2 days i was there. Prof. Chitaru Kawasaki have 2 daughters and 1 son. they are in ceramics too. The third son, Taksuke san have his own ceramics studio at home. I spent my time to see he made pottery, beside that i also made pottery to fill my spare time. So, let's check out the photos ..

I'm enjoying to make artwork

Finally, i can finish make it.
I made ​​it with a pinch technique. I made the title Couple. Unfortunately, I have not put the glaze, because I had to go to my dorm on the 3rd day: (