My Last Artwork in High school


Size 35cmx25cmx15cm

The picture above is my last artwork when i'm on high school, this picture taken when i put the glaze on it yet. All of the students had to make the last artwork as report for 3 years when in high school.
I ispired from bee, because i like the way they live. As you know bee is the one of million animal which haveuniqueness. I like the shape of their body, the way they survive on their live. My artwork telling about 'Unity' , you know that bee is a large group of insects known as life groups. They life bees make their nests on top of a hill, in trees and on rooftops. Nest constructed of propolis (adhesives from tree sap) and eveningproduced by glands of young female bees are still present in the body. Bees feed on nectar and pollenflowers. they work together on their live. it's same with human, humans are social creatures. they always life together, i mean need someone else to live. Humans also need home to take rest, need foods to eat, and need someone else to survive. we are human who always need someone else to make unity so by unity can create something  awesome.

Actually i made 2 artwork on my final artwork report, one use glaze technique and the other one use traditional firing. unfortunately, the other one was broken. i don't know why, but some one broke up it or it fall down from shelf :( .