Got Album from TORONG

OMG.. I have nice story to tell you who have best friend. Her name is Anita, she is my best friend, we are friend since we was in high school. we are just like sister, no distance. everyday we talk about dream and life.

'if we are split up by our dream, are we still best friend?'.

 'what do you mean?'.

'i thought if u'll go to japan, i think u'll forget me'.

 'i'm not really with that coz u know i'm senile, perhaps i'll forget u' (i was kidding to her)..haha, Nitnot, come on don't thinking seriously. how i can forget you if you have a debt to treat me 2 portion chicken noodle? ha?'
And we laugh away..

The day after, before i go to Japan. She gave me an album. She asked me to open at home. But, i was curious then i opened the album. Oh my God, i was speechless and suddenly my tears come out. I see on the album she put some of our photos and it force me to flash back in the last time. Seriously that's so cute. Nitnot, see you in next time. Don't forget, you have debt 2 bowl of chicken noodle! LOL