I.D.C (Ideas Craft) is my little project work in craft. it's still my beging to build my little project and also still has some improvement to make my project become nice and preferred in all people. I enjoy work with clay, I found my passion in ceramics since i was in vocational high school (SMK N 1 ROTA Bayat). After i graduated from high school, i selected by Prof. Chitaru Kawasaki to be the participant of Cultural Activities in Japan for one year (2013/2014). it was started in 2013 of March, and it will end  on March 2014. I'm speechless and i feel so grateful, it's mean i have big chance to explore my ideas and learn about ceramics deeply. Before i went to Japan, i help Ceramics artist Endang Lestari to do her project. then i also help Melanie Mc. Clintock in her project (indoartamik) to teach some of students in making art.

My Work:
1. I.D.C Jewelry 

i love making tiny mini jewellery from clay, such as cute face, animals, crocoal, etc. the tiniest size work that i ever made is about 8mm, yes i make for earring. it was ordered from my friend in Japan. i love texturing my work with nature inspiration that i got with my camera shoot when i go to somewhere. My works are made by hand, i mean handmade. For jewelry i make every pieces modelled by my hand, i need concentrate and accuracy when i make them.
 here some sample of my work. i make brooch, hair rope, necklace and earrings (handmade)

necklace and hair rope

2. I.D.C Functional Pottery 

i also make some tableware by the wheel-throwing and slab process. My first thought for the ideas designs of my work is that they be functional. I like put some nature texture or motive on them. In creating work i also imagine how it will look when the foods are placed on it.
 Tray for cups



3. I.D.C (Ideas Culinary) comingsoon
I'm thinking to improve my project in culinary too, make some cake or appetizer and fix it with my functional pottery. because i love daily kitchen life: cooking, eating,drinnking.

I hope someday i have opportunities to exhibit my work in my country Indonesia or outside. And i also hope that my work be accepted by alla people. If you interested please contact me. I would like to hear some advice or any comments from you.