Just walk aroud Shigaraki

Late post! it should be posted in spring season, but unfortunately in that time my blog was getting problem in connection. Anyway... wuw... finally i can find, see, touch you..the beautiful cherry blossom. this flower just bloom for 1/2 weeks, after that they'll fall.

By the way i spent my free time for walk around my dorm. I went with my friend, and always i went with the camera too. i like documented something, i like take picture when i go to somewhere. sometimes i get inspiration to make artwork in something that i met so here the camera works for me.
'Tanuki' is Shigaraki icon
Shingu Shrine
i don't know how it called, but before come in the shrine i have to wash my hand here
paper hope
Shigaraki pottery
ow.. i found so cuuuuttteeee view in the roadside

in Misin-ya shop

by the way, next time i'll tell you what is Shigaraki and how nice Shigaraki for ceramics artist or visitors. :)