Shigaraki Art Festival

This is about me and Tanuki (Shigaraki animal mascot). On October 2013, Japan Ceramics Cultural Park will held Shigaraki Art Festival. All of ceramics artist asked to join in the event. There are about 170 Tanuki sculptures that created by 170 artist. Each artist have right to create their own Tanuki.They put the ideas into the Tanuki sculpture. Everyone was enjoy creat their artworks. Me too. Because i'm Indonesian, and still doing cultural activities in Shigaraki so i decided to make Tanuki who wear traditional Indonesian clothes called 'Beskap'. Beskap usually worn by the Yogyakarta palace guards. in addition it also worn the Javanese for certain events, such as weddings, cultural events.The tanuki wear 'Blangkon' which is traditional hat from Java, then he wear Lurik(traditional dress with striped motifs that weave the weaving process ) and Batik. Here i want to show about unity, Indonesian culture and Japanese culture. Japan which have Tanuki as Shigaraki mascot, then Indonesia have unique traditional clothes. Although i'm not home, i still remember where i from, and i want to show to the world that i proud to be Indonesian.

Casting process

Ready for biscui firing
The bottom

Already have glaze firing